Post-graduates Students Requirements

Faculty of Science + Engineering,
School of Architecture


The Global Free Unit: International Practice Programme responds to the changing nature of architectural practice and research globally with an innovative new programme.

• questions of migration • questions of climate justice • question of the appropriate vantage point/ gaze/benchmarks • question of the construct of architectural theory/prototypes/history and precedents • questions of rapid apparently unplanned urbanisation and mega cities • questions of rapid apparently planned urbanisation and mega cities • the practices of propaganda, photography and architectural publication • the scope of architectural design in practice – for whom ? • the question of ethical responsibility • the purpose of architecture • the purpose and value of craft • the question of what is good architectural detail • the economic cost of architectural meaning • the impact of architectural meaning • cheap building, labour conditions, the relationship of architecture to capital • the relationship of materials and people to capital • the need for authority and the question of agency and legitimacy • are we any use to the world?

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