AGL/Fab Lab project featured on ArchDaily

23 September 2016 12:00 am

SAUL Studio

“Imaginative Neighborhood Woodquay” is a community design process that has been ongoing since 2013. It is led by the Adaptive Governance Lab (AGL) held by Rosie Webb, at the School of Architecture at University of Limerick. The project was done in collaboration with Galway City Council. It was inspired from the phenomenon of parklets that started in San Francisco in 2005. Parklets are designed to provide a public place for passers-by to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city around them, in places where either current urban parks are lacking or where the existing sidewalk width is not large enough to accommodate vibrant street life activities.

Over the summer of 2015, as a part of the AGL, with the communities and residents of Woodquay, Galway, sought to create a new urban prototype of a temporary outdoor seating installation that would allow us to show the local community and the local authorities the importance of emphasising human lives in cities, in the hope of inspiring more permanent change in the future. The Parklet was made in Fab Lab Limerick, by SAUL students, Hottmar Loch, Luiz Felipe-Ferreira, Haidê Neves & Aoife Barry, and teaching assistant Ger Walsh. This design is based on The Wave parklet by dSpace in collaboration with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce as part of the Chicago’s “Make Way for People” initiative.


The AGL would like to also acknowledge the contributions of, and sincerely thank J. P. Corry Building Suppliers, McSwiggan’s Bar, the Woodquay Business and Residence associations, Galway Cumann na bhFear, the Galway City Council, 091 Labs, The Insight Centre for Data Analytics NUI Galway, NUI Galway School of Engineering and every collaborator who has provided their input on this project.