Lectures@SAUL Autumn 2015

15 September 2015 5:00 pm

SAUL Studio

SAUL Autumn 2015 lecture program:

  • Talking to my father by Sé Merry Doyle with Simon Walker, 15th September 5 pm.
  • Reconstructing space 1 by Elizabeth Hatz, 21st September 5pm.
  • A yardstick to measure our understanding of modern architecture by Shane O’Toole with Elizabeth Hatz, 22nd September 5pm.
  • The future of remembering and forgetting by Kieran Keohane with Tom Moylan, 29th September 5pm.
  • Reconstructing space 2 by Elizabeth Hatz, 30th September 5 pm.
  • Open House Limerick. Roundtable debate with Merritt Bucholz, 9th October 6 pm.
  • Reconstructing space 3 by Elizabeth Hatz, 19th October 5 pm.
  • Why on earth should Sarsfield House be saved? by Hugh Maguire and Michael O’Connor, 20th October 5pm.
  • Bride of the Desert, Palmyra and the politicisation of ruins, 27th October 5pm.