Round Table Talks

SAUL Studio, CG-042

The Intelligence Unit at The School of Architecture University of Limerick mobilizes the resources of the University into a design think-tank; a catalytic body that draws from the intelligence and knowledge within the University and focus it on the form of a civic society.

This is part of a series of ten Round Table Talks – please see the event poster for more details.

This Week’s Talk


Please note, these events are live-streamed via Youtube.

To watch this week’s talk, Part 8: “One Island” +CORPO IU, which will go live on Tuesday October 24th from 5pm, please use this link:


Previous Weeks


Part 7, Limerick Schools Pilot Inventory IU: 


Part 4, Georgian Lab/Adaptive Governance IU

Part 3, Designing Policies IU


Please note, some talks, including Part 5, Limerick 2030 IU talk, have been recorded, but have not been uploaded yet. Thanks for bearing with us until we can upload those streams.