Lecture Series Tuesday Nights at 5pm

SAUL Studio

Next event:

Nov. 6th, starting at 5pm – How We Work: Flury+Furrer Architekten from Zurich. Hosted by Elizabeth Hatz.


Nov. 8th, starting at 5pm – Lecture with Lytle Shaw, SAUL

Nov. 13th, starting at 5pm – How We Work: ZERM (Roubaix, France), Architecture Practice founded in 2015.

Nov. 22nd, starting at 5pm – Maria McLintock. Curatorial Assistant, The Design Museum, London.

Dec. 4th, starting at 5pm – Questions Emerging: René Boer. Curator, Critic & Researcher, Failed Architecture, Amsterdam & Cairo.

Already this Semester:

  • Welcoming Lecture
  • Lecture and Debate with Gráinne Hassett. September 11th.
  • “Drawing Landscape”, Tuesday, September 18th, at 5pm
  • Lecture – part 1, with Elizabeth Hatz, Monday, September 24th, at 5pm.
  • Lecture – part 2, with Elizabeth Hatz, Monday, October 1st,  at 5pm
  • Questions Emerging: Markus Appenzeller, October 24th at 2pm