Small Town Studio

9 April 2014 1:15 pm at SAUL Studio

Speaker: Small Town Studio

Small Town Studio is an 8-week design/build project, involving architects, designers, and students who are invited to collaborate with a rural community in County Limerick, and develop a short built project in Summer 2014. This remarkable collaboration will inspire future engagement and participation with heritage and culture in Limerick. Small Town Studio is partially funded by Limerick City of Culture 2014.

Small Town Studio is an ongoing project – we are going to talk about how it came about. How other work we have done and ideas and precedents have contributed to the type of project this is. We will talk about what we have done so far – The project has been developing in a really promising way, we got a huge response to our calls for interest back in December. We have been meeting and discussing with each of the communities already, and we will be going through some of the project ideas that came out of that. We’ll talk about what we have lined up for this year, how it’s going to work, and we will talk about how you can get in touch/participate.

Eleanor Moloney graduated from SAUL in 2011. Participated in SAULFab in 2009; Teaching Assistant, SAUL 2010 “Vandalised Monuments IV” EV+A 2012; “Under Your Feet” 2012; Manasc Isaac Architects (Project Architect) Canada 2013; Partner, Small Town Studio.

Ger Walsh graduated from SAUL in 2012. Participated in Koshirakura Landscape Design Workshop, Japan 2013 (; Participated in urban design workshop, for Ch?? City Council, Tokyo 2013; Collaborator/Model-maker, Limerick FabLab; Partner, Small Town Studio.