Spatial Poetics. Poetry Reading

10 March 2016 5:00 pm at SAUL Studio

Speaker: Keston Sutherland

This reading is part of the Spatial Poetics Series at SAUL, curated and run by Lytle Shaw (SAUL and New York University). Investigating the terrain shared between contemporary poetry and architecture, this series of seminars and public poetry readings is sponsored by the School of Architecture and the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Limerick. Keston Sutherland will give the second poetry reading of this series at 5pm on Thursday 10th March 2016 in the SAUL Studio, CG-042, Main Building, University of Limerick.

Keston M. Sutherland lives in Brighton, UK. He graduated with a BA from Cambridge University in 1997, was the Joseph Hodges Choate Fellow at Harvard University 1997-8, and gained his PhD, titled ‘J. H. Prynne and philology’, in 2004, again from Cambridge. He has worked at Sussex since 2004. Sutherland is the editor of the poetics and critical theory journal QUID and co-editor (with Andrea Brady) of Barque Press. His poetry has been compared to J H. Prynne, John Wilkinson, and Drew Milne. His work has won international recognition: his major 2007 poem Hot White Andy was first published in the United States in a special issue of Chicago Review showcasing four young British poets (Sutherland, Andrea Brady, Chris Goode and Peter Manson); it has been reviewed as “the most remarkable poem in English published this century”. He has been invited to read in France, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, China and the USA; his poems have been translated into foreign languages including German, Greek, French, Finnish and Chinese. Together with his colleagues at the University of Sussex, Sam Solomon and Joe Luna, Sutherland runs the Sussex Poetry Festival, an annual two-day celebration of nonconformist and avant-garde poetry and music in Brighton, UK. The Festival began in 2009. His book on Marx and poetry, Stupefaction: a radical anatomy of phantoms was published by Seagull Books in May 2011.