The new ways we make. Diatom Studio

25 March 2015 6:00 pm at Fab Lab Limerick

Speaker: Greg Saul in conversation with Leo Scarff

The new ways we make is a talk series organized by Fab Lab Limerick with the support of Irish Design 2015 about the impact of digital fabrication in design. Digital fabrication have been used for rapid prototyping in the manufacturing industry for more than two decades now. New open source designs for 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines have dramatically lowered the entry cost for these technologies making them accessible to all short of creative disciplines. Designers, craftspersons and architects are using digital fabrication to redefine design at its very core, from new professional roles, to alternatives to mass manufacturing and traditional consumption models.

Greg Saul, Diatom Studio & London, United Kingdom. Greg is a designer, programmer, maker who is interested in challenging the roles of the consumer and designer through his work. is his independent design and invention practice based in London in which he explores the possibilities that digital tools offer to give the end user a role in the design process.

Leo Scarff Leitrim, Ireland. Leo is a product designer, design lecturer, consultant and exhibition curator originally from Dublin now based in Manorhamilton, County Leitrim. He has over 20 year experience in the design world, having set up his design studio in 1997 and has lectured on product design and design history since 1999. Currently he is working on setting up a Fab Lab in Manorhamilton with three other collaborators.

The talk will be moderated by Javier BurĂ³n, Fab Lab Limerick Director.